Cover Art, Poster Art and Cover Layout Design by James F. Beveridge
Eligible for your Consideration
2016 Aurora Award - Best Artist

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Poster Art for Pure Speculation - Edmonton's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming Convention

Published July 2015

Pure Spec's Website

-There and Back: A Dragon's Tale

(Artwork © 2015)

Cover Art for On Spec Magazine's Punk Themed 100th Issue

Published Spring 2015

On Spec's Website


"“He arrived home to find his pet dead. Slain. This incarnation wasn’t working out well.”

(Artwork © 2015)

Wraparound Cover Art and Design for "Robbed Blind :Glimmer Vale Chronicles #4" by Michael Kingswood

Published November 2015

Full Wraparound Cover Art

Michael Kingswood's Glimmer Vale Novel Series Site

-Art Only

My Final Text Design and Cover Layout
Back cover copy provided by the author.

-Art and Text Layout

(Artwork © 2015)

Winning Poster Art for Hero X: Lunar Initiative

Using Science Fiction as a theme to promote interest in returning to the moon

Entered November 2015 - Announced December 2015

Hero X Lunar Initiative Flash Art Contest Site

Reaching Together

Reaching Together

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