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An Udder Editorial Cartoon

with apologies to Milne

...and the open Editorial Letter

Firstly I am not going to explain how "EthicalOil" is basically oxymoronic. I would have

an easier time explaining gender equality to the Taliban.

For nearly a week, Ezra Levant has been ranting about how unfair the world seems.

He and his EthicalOil cadre are discovering the high price of rubbing the Saudi's

collective noses in their mess of human rights with a television commercial that

has all the sweetness of an American Political Campaign Smear. CTV won't air his

commercial due to alledged threats from a large shadowy legal firm. He seems to

expect the network to air the ad. Has he or his .org offered to back CTV? I wouldn't

air the commercial either. What is ethicaloil.org paying for airing the ads? Doubtful

that the funds paid are worth the time and monies needed to defend the ad offending the Saudi.

Unless EthicalOil offers up their own lawyers to aid in any lawsuits brought on to CTV

by this shadowy litigious evil horde,the network is not obliged to air the adds and should

refund any dollars they collected. I thought conservatives were all about freedoms. Well

you are free to broacast such tripe and the Saudi are free to sue. If the Sierra Club

was in the same situation over an ad, you and other conservatives would not support

their freedom of speech. You'd say what I'm going to..."Tough, suck it up!!!".

Your ad insults/denegrates a culture, a nation and a religion all at once. Though accurate,

those targeted will be angry and the insult is not just national. It is global and as such

you should accept that the Saudi will bring to bear all their resources to deal with the

perceived slight against them. You've trod into the big leagues here...circle the wagons.*lmfao*

__________________James F. Beveridge (Sept26,2011)

(copyright Sept 26, 2011)

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